Reliance Jio 4g Tower Installation | Apply Online Application Form

Reliance Jio 4g Tower Installation | Apply Online For Jio 4g Tower | Earn up to 30 to 50 thousand Monthly | Eligibility Criteria | Procedure For Applying Online

Reliance Jio Company has made its identification everywhere in a very short time. As compared to all other telecoms companies, Reliance Jio Company has reached first place. Everyone is using JIO’s SIM nowadays. Due to the heavy users, it is equally important for the company to give good service to their customers.

Now, Reliance Jio Company has decided to implant new towers. If you also want to place a Gio Tower on the rooftop or an empty plot of your house then read this article carefully. We have written all the essential details regarding the installation of Reliance Jio 4g tower.

Reliance Jio 4g Tower Installation

Imagine If a telecom company gives you 30 to 50 thousand rupees per month for installing a tower on your rooftop or on an empty plot of yours, then I do not think it is a bad deal  !! Isn’t It?

Reliance Jio company is planning to install more than 50,000 thousand towers and If you do want to install a tower on your rooftop then there are some norms which should be matched with the company policy.

Eligibility Criteria & Documents Required For Reliance Jio 4g Tower

Reliance Jio 4g tower installation

Reliance Jio 4g tower installation

  1.  First Of all, there should be an empty plot or rooftop where the company can set up their tower. (सबसे पहले, एक खाली प्लाट या छत होनी चाहिए जहां कंपनी अपना टावर स्थापित कर सके)
  2. The size of the rooftop should be 500 Square feet. (छत का आकार 500 वर्ग फुट होना चाहिए)
  3. The size of the Plot should be 2000 Square feet. (प्लॉट का आकार 2000 वर्ग फुट होना चाहिए)
  4. अगर किसी घर की छत पर टावर लगवाना है तो वह पूरी तरह से मजबूत होना चाहिए और उस जाग किसीस तारह की रुकावट नही होनी चाहिए |
  5. Your ID proof like Aadhar card, Ration Card, Voter ID card or Driving License.
  6. Land survey report.
  7. Original property papers.

NOTE — आपको सूचित किया जाता है कि यदि कोई आपको टावर लगाने के लिए फोन करता है या आपके दस्तावेज़ माँगता है तो आपसे अनुरोध है की ऐसे फोन कॉल्स पर भरोसा ना करें | कंपनी की तरफ से ऐसी किसी तरह की काल नही की जाती |

How To Apply For Reliance Jio 4g Tower

First, you need to register at tower companies. You have to fill out the form first then telecom companies will contact you to survey. Here are the links you that you have to open for registration.


Indus Tower Toll Free Number — 1800-102-1666

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